The KFA NAU Department of Foreign Languages works on many interesting projects motivating future aviation specialists to take active part in the English speaking club and other extracurricular activities. Different contests and competitions are the best ways to create positive atmosphere and make education less formal.

Recently an English-speaking event has been hold devoted to the American holiday “Halloween”, where students appeared enthusiastic and willing to participate. The event was organized by the initiative group of teachers of the Foreign Languages Department, among them were Victoria Azatyan, Liudmila Tsareva, Elena Cherniavskaya, Liliya Kharlamova and Andrey Bondar. The participants of the contest were the students of groups 631 and 733, who managed to carry out the tasks and show their knowledge of English. The jury (teachers of the department Sergey Radul, Iulia Kotelianets and the 4th year student Polina Stekhina) were fair and objective in order to define the winners.

The contest started with the presentation of the teams: WWs” (group 631) and “Demons” (group 733, foreign students). It showed students’ creativity and wit. Every task was interesting, entertaining and funny at the same time, it also gave much information about the culture of the foreign country. Not only the participants, but all the spectators (the teachers and students of KFA NAU) were involved in the event. While carrying out the tasks the students could improve their language skills, show their creativity and simply communicate in a friendly environment.

Everyone enjoyed the time getting new experience, interacting and reflecting positively. Either luck or good language knowledge of group 631 helped them to win. The team “WWs” were the Winners! Congratulations!

Victoria Azatyan, teacher of Foreign Languages Department