The International Day of Tolerance is celebrated in November in the whole world. It was established in 1995 by the decision of UNESCO, when the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance was adopted. The KFA NAU Department of Foreign Languages joined to this event and organized the «Tolerance Day» and conducted it in English.

One of the qualities of a modern personality is tolerance, which becomes the foundation of modern society. Multicultural environment of KFA NAU determines the actuality of the problem of tolerance for both teachers and students. The usage of the dialogue of cultures is one of the most important means of education of tolerance in the process of learning English. Communication in English is a way of cross-cultural interaction. It is important to convey to students that there is not worse or better culture, and the main task is to treat their differences with tolerance and understanding.

The event was organized by the initiative group of teachers of the Foreign Languages Department, among them were I. Kotielianets, S. Radul, M. Lomakina, G. Paschenko, S. Muravska. The participants of the event were the students of groups: 61М, 142, 742, 821, 142, 642, 641.

During the event the students discussed the notion of tolerance and its components. Each participant had the opportunity to assess their own level of tolerance. Through interactive exercises, students were able to ascertain the need to collapse stereotypes in everyday life, which prevent us to perceive other people objectively. Training exercises helped students to ensure that each person is unique, each of us has the right to express their own opinion. While carrying out the tasks the students could improve their language skills and communicate in a friendly environment.

Iulia Kotelianets, teacher of Foreign Languages Department