Mark Twain once said, “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” That’s why a lot of witty attendees came on the 6th of April just to spectate the special contest “Day of Humor”. The competition between pilots from groups 151 and 152 was really exciting, as both teams were great at singing, playing the guitar and performing the sketches at the team’s presentations. The competitors were eager to perform, and the audience was ready to be entertained.

The captains of the team “Diamonds” Yehor Balan (151) and the team “Blue Angels” Roman Stepanenko (152) amazed the audience with the funny advertising of the airlines where both teams showed a perfect sense of humor.

A number of humorous contests were joyful and exciting and motivated the audience to test their sense of humor. Laughter, smiles and jokes inspired positive feedback. The most unusual for the boys was a funny contest “The best Manicurist” which generated big laughs as the boys had to make creative manicure for the first time in their lives. The results were warmly welcomed.

To get the audience warmed up a lot of funny quotations were projected on the screen throughout the performance. The audience reacted with smiles and laughter and took an active part in the discussions on the quotes.

The team “Blue Angels” was fortunate to win. Congratulations on the occasion! Such interactive activities appeared to be a real pleasure both for the students and for the teachers who arranged them: N. Cherednichenko, V. Shevchenko, Y. Necheporuk. No doubt, such contests help everyone to find humor in everyday life to make it funnier and happier.

Victoria Shevchenko, teacher of Foreign Languages Department